ISC’s workforce development process is nationally acclaimed and recognized. Workforce development is a core tenant at ISC instilled by its founders and one which is not taken lightly. Since 1989, the workforce development process has involved our active participation from national accreditation (ABC, CURT, NCCER) to state government, universities, technical colleges, high schools and veterans in the Gulf Coast Region. We understand that our customers consistently expect ISC to maintain a safe, skilled, qualified and productive workforce.

We are on the cutting edge in developing and implementing processes and programs that address recruitment, training, certification, retention and retirement by involving associates at all levels in the organization.

See what our customers are saying about us:

“This project represents some of the best performance that I have experienced…ISC’s project team has earned my highest praise for their dedication, quality, cost and schedule excellence…” –Motiva

“…Your supervision and craftsmanship has been outstanding and we are grateful to have them on our project…” –ExxonMobil

“…ISC was able to provide a consistent and excellent workforce…This was accomplished in a period that spanned Hurricane Katrina and the resulting manpower shortage in the Gulf Coast area…We had a combined safety record of over 400,000 safe man-hours.” –Emerson Process Management