ISC is affiliated with the National Center for Construction and Education Research (NCCER) which developed the Contren Learning Series Curriculum for craft training. NCCER is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization and is a nationally recognized organization especially with regards to craft training and certification. For more information visit their website at

Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC) has been partners with NCCER as it relates to the training curriculum. Since 1989, ABC’s Pelican Chapter in Baton Rouge, La. is the primary institute that ISC has utilized for its craft training needs.

In conjunction with ABC and NCCER, ISC has adopted NCCER’s criteria for a Certified Craftsman and has made that a requirement for all of our supervision and journeymen craftsmen. To help facilitate our associates in meeting this requirement, ISC became an NCCER Accredited Assessment Center (AAC) and an Accredited Training Sponsor (ATS). With these NCCER credentials ISC has the ability to perform NCCER Craft Training and Skill Assessments for our associates to help them achieve their certification.

NCCER Certified Craft