Completed in 2013


In 2011, PCS Nitrogen, part of Potash Corporation, one of the largest fertilizer companies in the world, had an ammonia unit that had not been operational for nearly a decade. Because the price of natural gas dropped, it was a key time for PCS Nitrogen to bring this unit back online. ISC used their extensive site-specific experience and coordinated a plan to bring the project from a maintenance update to a new capital project with completely new electrical and instrumentation system installations.

While ISC assisted in demolition, ISC’s key personnel on the project began the planning of the new power and control system installations. ISC had to develop a scope, drawings and innovative planning techniques to track progress and control costs on an ever-changing, undefined project. ISC used the experience of well-seasoned ISC personnel and worked in conjunction with retired operators from PCS to determine instrument locations.

Countless obstacles could have delayed work or increased costs, but ISC developed methods to overcome them all, and completed the entire project on time without a single safety incident.

Project Facts

  • 290,000 Man-Hours
  • 25 Month Schedule
  • ZERO Recordable Injuries
  • National Project of the Year Award (Merit Award) by Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)




The efforts displayed by ISC from February of 2011 through March of 2013 were beyond expectations. The planning and execution that went into this project allowed it to succeed despite what appeared to be insurmountable obstacles.

— Potash Corporation