July 27, 2022 – BATON ROUGE, LA – ISC is proud to be a part of the team designing and constructing the upgrade of state-of-the-art research facilities for Louisiana State University’s LSU Cain Department of Chemical Engineering Dow Unit Operations Laboratory.
ISC has partnered with innovative leaders, Emerson and John H. Carter, to design and install the most advanced automation technologies that will be used to control the unit operations systems. As part of our approach, ISC specified, developed and constructed clear enclosure panels for the hardware systems to provide future engineering and construction leaders a view of the technology from outside.
“ISC is excited to further its commitment to LSU and the College of Engineering while improving education on the critical systems essential to the industries we serve,” stated Donnie David, President of ISC. “Our company was built on the knowledge and skills learned at LSU, and we are pleased to support how future leaders will interact and monitor process equipment from a smart phone application and use wireless sensors to detect problems.”
“Our Unit Ops Lab is one of the best of its kind,” said John Flake, professor and chair of the chemical engineering at LSU. “It is used for teaching chemical engineering students how to run reactions and separation processes at scale. These upgrades will provide the same sort of hardware and software that is commonly used in industry to manufacture chemicals, biochemicals, fuels, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, polymers, and dozens of other products.
ISC, Emerson, John H. Carter and LSU will continue to work on the software upgrades, which are expected to conclude this summer, with the hardware upgrades being finished next year. Once everything is completed, LSU will have another tool for students that sets LSU’s chemical engineering program apart from others.


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