Refining and Petrochemical

On the back of hard work, dedication and safer-than-standard working practices, ISC was built by providing reliable E&I solutions to petrochemical and refining industries. ISC’s reputation for best-in-class has been earned through expertise, experience, and innovation to push past what’s expected and redefine industry standards.

Food, Beverage and Consumer Products

Leveraging 30 years of experience designing, building and maintaining complex electrical, controls and automation systems, ISC is delivering its best in class services to food, beverage and consumer product manufacturers. Ensuring maximum stability and uptime across an entire facility means more efficient production and less downtime. We’ve built our business on safe, innovative, reliable and stable infrastructure, providing our clients seamless operations day in and day out.

Power and Renewables

ISC has remained at the forefront of the processes and technologies that power our world. From the beginning of the global energy transition, ISC has remained committed to innovations that drive the global economy. Creating the power and electrical infrastructure for new-age energy solutions like solar, and leveraging our expertise in complex process facilities, we’re aiding in the adoption and transition to more renewable energy sources.

Mission Critical Data Centers

Data powers everything in our modern world – and we power data. Our experienced engineers and E&I technicians build and maintain reliable electrical infrastructure for some of the most complex data centers across the United States. With decades of experience building and serving the most critical controls systems in the world, our work is proven with a process that’s provided safe, quality work for facilities of every shape and size.